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Dear Vistage Member,

The caliber, collaboration and vibrancy of the Vistage community is unmatched: 21,000 CEOs and key executives worldwide, connected in the pursuit of personal and professional excellence. Each month, we meet with our private advisory boards and Chairs to share diverse perspectives and power each other’s success.

So, it’s only fitting that we name our inaugural member magazine Vistage Perspectives. Our goals are to stimulate your thinking with the latest in thought leadership, share insights and lessons from our community, and celebrate the accomplishments of fellow members.

Our first issue spotlights member Nora Eberl, who is honored for her significant achievement in improving the financial performance of her family business. You’ll also find features on distinguished Chair Larry Cassidy and award-winning speaker Eve Grodnitzky, among others.

We also introduce research findings that reveal the collective priorities of the Vistage community and major decisions within the coming year, as well as a new framework to inform your decisions on leadership enhancement and business optimization.

I am enthusiastic that Vistage Perspectives will foster a stronger sense of community and spark new ideas to help you drive better decisions and achieve better results.

Thank you for your membership.


Sam Reese
CEO, Vistage Worldwide

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