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Celebrating Our Community

Celebrating Our Community
Vistage recognizes standout members and Chairs
2018 Member Awards

We kicked off our 2018 member awards in three regions across the U.S. Members and Chairs nominated members for exceptional leadership, impact in their first years with Vistage and lifetime achievement. See more winners at

Vistage Leadership Award
Honors a member for their recent or ongoing achievements in leadership that benefit their companies, families and communities
Vistage Impact Award
Recognizes the remarkable development, achievement and impact of members with 1-3 years’ tenure
Lifetime Achievement Award
Honors the achievements and ongoing commitment to learning and development of a long-standing Vistage member
Vistage Leadership Award
Tom Spann
CEO, Brightside, and Founder
Member since 2015
In his first three years with Vistage, Tom Spann handed over the reins at Accolade and helped launch the first employer-based financial health platform, Brightside. He approaches life with the humble mindset of a novice and welcomes the rigor of his Vistage group.
Impact Award
Suchit Bachalli
Unilog Content Solutions
Member since 2016
During his tenure as a Vistage member, Suchit Bachalli has risen to CEO of the global business Unilog and has explored and transacted numerous business growth and expansion activities. He relied heavily on his Vistage group to understand which areas of his business required strengthening and thoughtfully implemented solutions.
Lifetime Achievement Award
Frances Pierce
Chairman and CEO
Data Systems Analysts
Member since 1992
After industry turmoil in the '90s resulted in a critical loss of business, Frances Pierce took the lead on adapting service offerings, making tough cuts and implementing an overall migration from software development to IT consulting. Pierce joined Vistage in 1992, and with the help of her Vistage group, she has taken her company from $9 million to $180 million in revenue.
Vistage Leadership Award
Jeff Dance
Fresh Consulting
Member since 2013
To prepare for future technological shifts, Jeff Dance recently acquired and successfully integrated a hardware engineering and robotics firm. Thanks to his visionary leadership team, his business has more than doubled since he joined Vistage in 2013 and is on pace to double again in 2018.
Impact Award
Ross Treleven
General Manager
Sprague Pest Solutions
Member since 2015
Ross Treleven’s dedication to his family’s business is reflected in the unprecedented financial and regional growth Sprague has accomplished over the 12 years since he joined the leadership team. From 2017 to 2018, Treleven was a key leader in Sprague’s more than 100% growth in profitability and 15% increase in business while leading their regional expansion into California.
Lifetime Achievement Award
Foss Miller
Pacific Research Laboratories
Member since 1989
Before starting his transition away from his ownership role at his company, Foss Miller took steps to ensure his employees’ jobs would stay local. He has supported his senior leadership team’s development throughout his 30 years with Vistage by encouraging four of his key leaders to participate in Vistage Key Executive groups.
Vistage Leadership Award
James Logan
President and CEO
OneRain and High Sierra Electronics
Member since 2007
Over his 11 years as a Vistage member, James Logan has grown his company’s value by 40 times and successfully sold his companies to an equity capital group. He is developing his next generation of leaders by placing five of his management team in Vistage groups.
Impact Award
Brad Kopitz
Artifact Uprising
Member since 2017
With support and guidance from his Vistage group, Brad Kopitz executed a successful plan to acquire Artifact Uprising, where he had served as CEO. Today, he has created an intentional culture that supports his vision of creating premium photo prints, books and frames with innovative technology
Lifetime Achievement Award
Ray Singleton
Executive Vice President
Earthstone Energy
Member since 2005
Ray Singleton has become one of the most respected CEOs in the Denver oil and gas community over the course of his Vistage tenure. He took over as CEO of Earthstone when it was near bankruptcy and valued at only $500,000 and transformed it into a $40 million NYSE-traded company by 2014.
Vistage Chair Excellence

The Nourse Chair of the Year and Pat Hyndman Awards are named in honor of Vistage founder Bob Nourse and legendary Chair Pat Hyndman. These awards recognize Chairs for the exceptional value they provide members and their service to the community.

Nourse Chair of the Year
Gary Brennglass
Chair, Vistage Worldwide, Inc.

Chair Gary Brennglass embodies the Vistage core values of trust, caring, challenge and growth. Though he achieved remarkable success over his 30 years of C-level leadership and as an executive coach, he attends every workshop available to learn more about the art of Chairing. He is generous with his time and energy, leading key partnerships and issue processing sessions for our Los Angeles community.

Gary Brennglass receives the Nourse Award with Vistage COO David Pearson and Regional Executive Craig Stevenson
Pat Hyndman Award
David Zerfoss
Master Chair, Vistage Worldwide, Inc.

Master Chair David Zerfoss has gone above and beyond the call of duty in service to the Vistage community and has given unselfish and immeasurable service to the Charlotte business community. He exemplifies what the Hyndman Award is truly about: community, commitment, clarity, alignment and the pursuit of excellence through relentless improvement. Zerfoss is an Executive in Residence at the Queens University, McColl School of Business and has published two books on how to choose less stress in business and life.

David Zerfoss receives the Hyndman Award with Vistage CEO Sam Reese and Regional Executive Jim Walsh
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