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Doing Well and Doing Good

Doing Well and Doing Good

Every business leader wants the company to do well. The very point of being in business is to succeed. What defines success is the arguable point. Success means profitability, growth, happy stockholders and household-name recognition.

But what if success meant something more? What if a company placed people on par with profits and emphasized helping others as much as helping itself? And what if this new model for success created a ripple effect among fellow businesses, increasing the sense of community and motivating others to do the same? The following four Vistage member businesses illustrate this new model of success.

Each has made decisions that not only benefit the business but also benefit communities. These are organizations and professionals who seek to do good while doing well. Each member profiled here created a vision of success that transcended the barriers of their own business and sought to enrich and inspire the world around them.

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