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Tapping New Perspectives for Decision-Makers

Tapping New Perspectives for Decision-Makers
Your organization probably has a central question that drives how you invest in the business. Vistage does too. How can we build the best member experience to give you an edge in your decision-making?

That’s been our focus since the first peer group met in 1957. Our purpose is to help executives make great decisions that benefit their companies, families and communities. With 23,000 members in 20 countries depending on us, we’re not stopping.

While your Chair and group are at the center of your experience, here are some supporting programs and features to fuel your decision-making (and your growth) with fresh perspectives:

Exclusive insights from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Vistage recently forged a special partnership with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the leading resource on policy and its implications for small and midsize businesses (SMBs). This summer, we held an event in Washington D.C. with chamber analysts to discuss trade and tariffs, taxes and other legislation likely to have an impact on SMBs. We’ve assembled a report for the Vistage community that compiles the briefings from the event. Watch for other events to get updates from these Beltway insiders.

Download the USCC briefings at

Our growing community rises together

This year, we’ve welcomed many new Chairs and members in new markets around the globe. As we continue to bring top business leaders into the fold, everyone benefits. Our pool of expertise and thought leadership increases. The knowledge base of our global networks continues to expand. Our events become even richer, more robust and more dynamic. Our thriving community allows us to make an even greater impact on companies, their communities and the world.

Have someone in mind? Refer new members at

“How can I develop my people?”

One of the top challenges that we hear from our Chief Executive members is, “How can I develop my people?” We have three programs that have proven effective for various levels of leadership: First is the Key Executive Program for your C-level execs to connect with experts and other highperforming leaders to solve their most complex challenges. Next, there’s the Vistage Inside Program to help develop and align your senior leadership team. The new Emerging Leader Program is designed to prepare your high-potential managers and individual contributors to become your next generation of senior leadership. This two-year program allows your rising stars to advance within your organization, not outside of it, and empowers them to execute on company goals. Learn more at

Vistage Networks for real-time advice

With 22 industry and interest Networks and 8,000 participating members, you can get the answers you need to drive your business forward. Here are just a couple recent conversations:

• In the Construction Network, a member received actionable steps and guidance on evaluating an internal transition of his company versus a strategic sale.

• The Technology Network offered advice to a member regarding whether it was time to hire a CIO or keep outsourcing the service.

When you need valuable advice on the spot, join in the conversation at

Accelerate your growth with the Vistage-Stanford program

By all accounts, the Vistage Executive Leadership Program has been a game-changer for growth-minded CEO members who want to take a deep dive into evaluating their organization’s strategy, structure and story. Offered in collaboration with Stanford Graduate School of Business, the program is in its fourth year and is now expanding to additional markets.

This year-long program is a unique combination of online selfpaced learning and monthly workshops facilitated by expert Vistage Chairs, and is focused on members applying concepts for immediate impact on their business’ strategy and growth. If you’re a member looking to sharpen your strategic thinking, spur transformative change, or better align your strategy and organization’s structure, consider this program for 2020.

To learn more and apply for the January 2020 cohort, visit

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