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Blazing Your Own Path

Your Own Path

Sometimes, you have to go your own way.

The “why” can vary. You see an opportunity that no one else does. You have a project that speaks to your soul and demands your attention. You know you could do better — be better, climb higher — if you took the lead. And, honestly, you know it’s time to step up.

Whatever the reason, the result is the same. You make a move, go off on your own and see where the path takes you.

The Vistage members you’re about to meet had the passion, the drive and the confidence to travel down that unknown path. Buoyed by their peers and their Chairs, they overcame obstacles, built the right foundations, got the right people on the bus and pulled away from their competition.

They learned to lead in remarkable ways. They blazed a trail for others to follow. But most importantly, they had an impact, not only on their companies, but also on the communities around them.

“Distinctive impact isn’t about being big,” says best-selling author Jim Collins. “It’s about being distinctive but making an impact on the community you touch, however big or small that is.”

As you’ll read, going where no one has gone before can be the biggest gamble of your career … and the best decision of your life.

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Blazing Your Own Path