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Top 5 New Speakers

5 Top New Speakers to Know

They inspire new ideas, spark conversations and reveal your blind spots — Vistage speakers just have a knack for it. Through their words and expertise, they activate meaningful discussion among members and provide actionable takeaways that can prompt change and growth at your business. 

Here are five top new speakers who are energizing Vistage groups across the country. 

André van Hall
Innovation | Colorado

Blindspots: How to Embrace Curiosity Disruption and Imagination to See Yourself As a Change Leader

Van Hall wrote that change is inevitable, but personal growth is optional. In his “Blindspots” talk, van Hall wants CEOs to confront their relationships with change. To become a disruptor, incremental change is not enough — van Hall inspires CEOs to crack open a culture that embraces ideas and — yes — change. “André is a phenomenal speaker and one of the truly moving sessions that I have participated in,” shared one member.

Alison Grizzle
Leadership Competencies | Alabama

Aligning Business Strategy with People Strategy: Using Psychometrics to Drive Critical People Decisions

To shrink challenges around hiring, managing and mentoring, Grizzle encourages executives to tap into psychometrics — assessments that help solve business problems and increase leaders’ self-awareness by revealing their own drives and behaviors. An executive wrote that Grizzle provides members with “a great perspective on their individual results and how that shows up in their leadership.”

Alyssa Spaw
Work/Life Balance | Florida

How to Be a Happy Healthy Human

What if it only took four hours each week to achieve better well-being? Spaw’s program includes easy-to-implement actions for the busy CEO to improve productivity, neuroplasticity and increased vitality. Backed by evolutionary biology, these techniques help the body and mind perform at optimum levels. “Alyssa’s information was compelling for many of us to change our habits,” said a member, adding that after the talk, each member established improvement goals.

Alyssa’s information was compelling for many of us to change our habits.
Vistage member

Matt George
Organizational Culture & Values | Virginia

The Communication Equation: The Art & Science of Effective Communication

When leaders speak to their employees, clients or other stakeholders, they wish to be captivating and compelling. With George, members discover their speaking styles, including their tone, word choice, body language and delivery. He also provides his analysis of the “About Us” statement on each member’s company website as a concrete example of the communications principles he covers. George’s talk, said a member, is “relatable” and provides “tremendous value” to the group.

Christopher Rhyme
Exit Planning | Colorado

A Masterful Business Transition Plan

Just as you get in a car knowing what your destination will be, great CEOs begin their leadership journey with an end in mind. Rhyme works with Vistage CEOs to chart a transition or exit plan that best suits their business situation, goals or family values. An appreciative member said, “Chris did a great job of presenting holistic solutions and providing several areas of consideration when developing an effective transition plan.”

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