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Exclusive Insights (Speaker Spotlight)

Each year, Vistage curates a lineup of business and leadership experts who have the insights that CEOs need to continue to climb higher and higher. These speakers and events are hand-selected to meet the unique challenges that small and midsize businesses face.

From transformational leadership to federal policy, these exclusive experiences provide Vistage members with a competitive advantage across industries.


We are passionate about helping small and midsize businesses (SMBs) thrive. In that spirit, we convened the 4th annual Vistage on the Hill event in July, where members connected directly with the very experts who help shape policies that affect SMBs. Award-winning members from across the U.S. met with top analysts from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to discuss policy implications, share their stories and exchange ideas around a better path forward for the SMB community.

Pearl of wisdom:
“I thought government interaction was reserved for larger businesses. Some of the speakers have shown me … change can be elicited by smaller businesses, especially through telling our stories.”
— Vistage member and 2022 Member Excellence Award winner Alastair Sanderson, COO LFA Machines

2022 Vistage Member Excellence Award winner Jim Shaffer (left), owner/CEO of Counterparts LLC in Omaha Nebraska, with Vistage CEO Sam Reese (right)
I got the takeaway that I did have a voice…and got guidance on how to voice challenges.”
– Danny Espino, Owner & President, CESG, Leadership Award winner

First, Alan Mulally turned around Boeing. Afterward, he did the same for Ford. We welcomed this legendary CEO for an exclusive, candid conversation around his simple-yet-effective frameworks which apply to companies of any size. Mulally sat down with Vistage CEO Sam Reese to discuss how leaders can transform their companies and find renewed purpose.

Pearl of wisdom:
“Expect the unexpected, and expect to deal with it. You’re going to find situations that are not like you thought it was going to be, and you want to think of those as gems.”
— Alan Mulally


The Women in Leadership CEO Conference is a unique, once-a-year opportunity for the women of Vistage to connect and gain access to inspirational speakers and actionable takeaways. This year’s conference featured three powerhouse keynotes from Kat Cole, the COO and president of Athletic Greens;

Joanna Barsh, Director Emerita of McKinsey & Company and founder of Centered Leadership; and Melissa Bradley, co-founder of Ureeka.

All three experts shared ways to find the hustle, heart, grit, and resilience to lead boldly in modern markets and companies.

Pearl of wisdom: “It’s crucial to discern meaningful patterns through the right questions, disrupt yourself, build modern teams, and manage tough decisions that may have short-term trade-offs.” — Kat Cole

Left to right: Kat Cole,
Joanna Barsh, Melissa Bradley


Best-selling author Daniel Pink will deliver a keynote on resiliency and regret in February 2023. He’ll discuss how to anticipate and respond to the most significant organizational regrets, how to transform existing regrets into a positive force and an adaptable company culture, and why regrets of inaction outnumber regrets of action.

Feeling inspired? View more upcoming events at

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Speaker Spotlight