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How do You Find Focus as a CEO? (Around the Community)


I have installed Robocaller, and do not attend any phone calls if the contact is not saved. Yearly, I go to a cabin, cut off technology, read and think.

Anoop Menon
President & CEO, Confianz Global, Inc.
Charlotte, North Carolina
Vistage member since 2016

First of all, I must define a FOCUS. To do that, I work deeply in the annual business plan, then I make a drill-down, separating the big ideas into smaller ones.

Gustavo Marino
CEO, United Logistic Company, S.A.
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Vistage member since 2019

I focus on what I am good at and pick other leaders who fire up themselves to focus on what they are great at. Right people, right results.

Gore Bolton
CEO, Land Intelligence, Inc.
Columbia, South Carolina
Vistage member since 2007

Calendar blocking all the way! Schedule the important things first and then repeating blocks of time for intentional work.

Susan Fennema
Chaos Eradicating Officer, Beyond the Chaos
McKinney, Texas
Vistage member since 2020

I schedule “deep work” early in the day, then make it impossible for interruptions by turning off my cell phone and working offline.

David Barnes
President & CEO, Isotec Security
Westminster, Colorado
Vistage member since 2017

I schedule time for opposite-brain activities (yoga, exercise, drawing) and commit to the activity as if it were a meeting with the President.

Peter DiGiammarino
Managing Partner, IntelliVen
San Francisco, California
Vistage speaker since 2021, Joined Vistage in 2006

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