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Every high-performing Vistage member company can articulate a vision, its core reason for existence that provides a sense of purpose and direction. For Vistage, our vision is to be the most trusted resource to CEOs of small and midsize businesses. We want to make sure you have the best tools and resources to become better leaders, make better decisions and drive better results. That vision has guided our march forward over 65 years, alongside more than 100,000 leaders.

The pages that follow illustrate our relentless commitment to building the best approach to how leaders learn. We celebrate members who are leveraging peer perspectives, Chair guidance and speaker insights to navigate uncertain times. And we spotlight exclusive engagements with impactful speakers, like Alan Mulally, who spark conversations that matter.

Our community is now 28,000 strong in 26 countries. I’m so grateful that you’ve entrusted us with your leadership development. It’s a duty that we hold sacred against a vision that endures.

All the best,


Sam Reese
CEO, Vistage Worldwide

  • Joi Coles
  • Patricia Lee Como
  • Alan Denton
  • Glenn Jeffers
  • Mary-Jo Lipman
  • Katie McWeeney
  • Bridgette Beuttel
  • Mike Burgos
  • Kimberlee Farley
  • Hal Conick
  • Rachel Farrell
  • Katie Navarra
  • Mayrav Saar
  • Cheryl SooHoo
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Improving the effectiveness and enhancing the lives of CEOs, business owners and key executives of small and medium-sized businesses.
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