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Turning Points

Turning Points
Changing course to forge new paths to success

Looking back over the timeline of one’s career, it is easy to spot the turning points— the critical junctures at which decisive changes took place. But deep in the fog of circumstances and choices, it’s harder to recognize a turning point for what it really is—an opportunity to change course and come out on the other side better, stronger, and equipped for a new path.

The Vistage members profiled here may clearly identify their turning points from the distance of time. But each of them arrived at their crossroads faced with uncertainty about their own future and the futures of their employees, businesses, and families. Each was also armed with good instincts, flanked by a solid support network, and inspired by the bold desire for change.

These members demonstrated true leadership and integrity, acting with a deep awareness of their responsibility to their teams and their families. They saved businesses, created positive workplaces, navigated personal crises, and achieved landmark profits. The successful outcomes are a testament to the power of an opportunity to transform lives and to inspire courage, confidence, and growth.

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