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What’s the Best Question Your Vistage Chair or a Fellow Member Asked You?

What’s the Best Question Your Vistage Chair or a Fellow Member Asked You?

“What are you waiting for?” asked a fellow group member. “Blow out your business and take it to the next level. You have all the tools!” I haven’t sat still since that aha moment.
Terry MacCauley
CEO, Big Time Advertising & Marketing, LLC, Chesterfield, MO
Vistage member since 2018

“If you left this position, what are the top three things you think your successor would do?”
Kim Janzen, CAWA
President and CEO, SPCA of Wake County, Raleigh, NC
Vistage member since 2017

“What’s your holdup in hiring a COO?” I was the only holdup, and it was holding us back. I needed to get over my need for control. I finally did it, and it has transformed my life.
Kate Wells
CEO, Children’s Museum of Phoenix , Phoenix, AZ
Vistage member since 2014

“How do you hire talent?” My Chair asked how I was hiring. Of course, I said by experience. The look came next and a pause. We discussed hiring for culture first and experience second. Our monthly leadership meetings now include culture building. I am so happy with the results.
Myra May, RN, MS, JD, NHA
President/CEO, New Vista Health Services, Los Angeles, CA
Vistage member since 2014

“Is your company working for you, or are you working for your company?” I replied, “I work like a dog for my company.” My Chair replied, “That’s a big problem that Vistage will help you to turn around.” Aha and amen. After my first 11 months as a member, my company is now working for me, and it’s transformed my life.
Danny Ryan
President, Precision Contracting Inc., Anaheim, CA
Vistage member since 2017

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