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Which Vistage Speaker Had the Biggest Impact on Your Business?

Which Vistage Speaker Had the Biggest Impact on Your Business?
Brian Neff
“Competitive Advantage: Is Yours a Hit or a Myth? Arm Your Sales People for Stronger Profitability”

I came out of the meeting with a clear picture of how to market what our company does and how to separate ourselves from other vendors that a prospect might be considering. We have revamped presentation material, brochures, and just launched a new website that leads with our competitive advantage. The speaker had the most significant change in our marketing strategy in the 20 years of our business. We are now booking more business and closing more proposals.

— Derek Griffin
President, Speartek, Inc.
Atlanta, GA
Vistage member since 2016

Robert Teschner
“Debrief to Win: Foundations of Accountable Leadership”

Robert was a retired F-22 squadron commander and his story gave you respect right away! When performance isn’t up to par, everyone is so quick to make the excuse “They are just millennials.” Robert put this in perspective by saying they didn’t have a choice on who they trained in the Air Force. They had to train them, and if the new recruits didn’t do their jobs, they could all die. It was a powerful statement that really made you think about accountability.

— Monica Varrasso
Director of Operations, Turn-Key Tunneling, Inc.
Columbus, OH
Vistage member since 2018

David Friedman
“How to Build a High-Performance Culture”

In my opinion, a CEO’s top priority should be to create a culture that will attract and retain the top talent required to be a high-performance business. David’s methodology has allowed us to create “The CargoTrans Way,” a list of behaviors or “fundamentals” that clearly defines who we are, how we treat all stakeholders and how we differentiate ourselves from our competitors.

Of course, listing these fundamentals and sharing them with the team is fairly simple. However, the key to successfully “hard-wiring” these fundamentals into your organization is to create rituals that focus on one fundamental each week. We’re almost through the first round, and the results have been amazing.

— Nunzio De Filippis
CEO, CargoTrans, Inc.
Valley Stream, NY
Vistage member since 2017

Sima Dahl
“Social Intelligence: How to Accelerate Sales, Recruit Top Talent, and Transform Every Employee into an Online Brand Ambassador”

The presentation was fun and engaging because she used members’ actual websites and LinkedIn profiles to demonstrate common stumbling blocks to success. Sima’s suggestions were not laborintensive activities. I love when Vistage speakers bring knowledge that I know my members wouldn’t get anywhere else.

— Joni Naugle
Reading, PA
Vistage Chair since 2010

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