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Gearing Up for 2021

Gearing Up for 2021

As a Vistage member, you climb with purpose. Once you reach a peak, you’re already looking ahead to the next. You’re poised for the next challenge, doing whatever it takes for your family, your team and your community. You are ready to rise to the occasion.

Read on to discover how some of our new programs are designed to support your climb.

Upcoming events for 2021 will bring value, connection and informed decision-making

Your 2021 Vistage events and content offering addresses the new reality unfolding. Get the tools and insights you need to lead through the challenges and realize the possibilities. Here’s a preview:

Our new Peak Performer webinar series brings exclusive, well-known thought leaders to you — including bestselling author Simon Sinek and retired Gen. Colin L. Powell!

30+ Vistage Executive Summits will offer a deep dive into your local market forecast with ITR Economics and Vistage Research, all from the convenience of your own home.

Six topic-driven Vistage National CEO Conferences will be offered virtually and in person (when possible), inspired by the overwhelmingly positive attendee experience of our first national Women in Leadership event last year.

New Regional Networks
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Connect with the more than 11,000 Vistage members already signed up at
Incredible journeys. Inspirational triumphs. Who will you honor?

The Vistage Member Excellence Awards celebrate those steadfast in both their leadership climb and their embodiment of Vistage values — with an impact that resonates from business to Vistage group to community and beyond. If you know of a CE or SB member who deserves this special recognition, be sure to nominate them for a Member Excellence Award.

Nominate members in any of these three categories:

Impact Award

(for members with 1-3 years’ tenure)

Leadership Award

(for members with 3+ years’ tenure)

Lifetime Achievement Award

(for members with 10+ years’ tenure)

Submit your nominations now at
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