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Despite the pandemic’s seismic shift to the business landscape, Vistage members — alongside their peers and Chairs — rose to the challenge, found their footing and started the uphill climb. It’s truly inspiring to see this level of collaboration and mutual support.

This issue of Vistage Perspectives magazine celebrates the grit and determination of our community. We spoke with members across a variety of sectors, including manufacturing, retail, elder care and more, and we asked how they navigated difficult terrain to grow. They offer their first-person accounts about the decisions they made (and why), as well as the lessons they learned.

We’ll also introduce a group in Charlotte devoted to improving each others’ businesses and the social fabric of their community; the Chair who realized his vision of bringing Vistage to Portugal last year; and members who are living their dreams with successful exits.

I hope you discover lessons you can apply and inspiration to fuel your leadership journey onward and upward.

All the best,


Sam Reese
CEO, Vistage Worldwide

  • Jessica Baris
  • Patricia Lee Como
  • Glenn Jeffers
  • Mary-Jo Lipman
  • Katie McWeeney
  • Bridgette Beuttel
  • Dan Bucko
Contributing writers
  • Hal Conick
  • Rachel Farrell
  • Mayrav Saar
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