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Scaling new terrain seemed a fitting metaphor for this issue of Perspectives. Vistage members in 26 countries are crossing a business landscape that’s uneven and with stronger headwinds. But they trek forward the only way they know how: by staying resilient in the face of adversity, embracing humility as they seek the perspectives of their peers, and upholding integrity as they make decisions for their companies, families and communities.

This edition spotlights several members who’ve successfully traversed new terrain. There’s a Canadian adventurer who found a new business model that grew the bottom line and community engagement, a chemist-turned-CEO whose dedication to rigor and diverse perspectives has made her a top problem-solver for military and defense organizations, and the CEO of a third-generation family business who scaled the organization and improved its culture along the way.

We will also celebrate Chair Cheryl McMillan who has earned the highest distinction as a Vistage Chair: the Cope Memorial Award. And we wrap up with a look at several members who’ve sold their businesses and put themselves on unique, fulfilling paths following the C-suite.

I hope this issue sparks new ideas and inspiration that you can apply to your business and leadership. Thank you for all you do for your peers and your dedication to personal and professional growth.

All the best,


Sam Reese
CEO, Vistage Worldwide

  • Joi Coles
  • Patricia Lee Como
  • Alan Denton
  • Glenn Jeffers
  • Mary-Jo Lipman
  • Katie McWeeney
  • Bridgette Beuttel
  • Mike Burgos
  • Kimberlee Farley
  • Hal Conick
  • Rachel Farrell
  • Katie Navarra
  • Mayrav Saar
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