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Scaling New Terrain

The world changed when the pandemic hit in 2020. So we changed along with it.

We moved from the corner office to the spare bedroom. We learned how to use Zoom and Slack. We took care of ourselves and our families. In other words, we did what we always do: We found a way.

And as we continue to adapt to changes in the business landscape, we find ourselves facing new challenges on our leadership climb. How do we maintain (or, dare we even suggest, thrive) during times of supply chain disruptions and inflation? How do we keep the culture we built now that we work remotely? How do we deal with new government policies?

We asked three members of the Vistage community to share their stories about how they’ve dealt with both the external and internal challenges of leading across this new terrain.

As you’ll read, these members found opportunities and grew both their companies and themselves as leaders.

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