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Build the Team You Can Depend On

With a major talent shortage casting a pall over nearly every industry, companies will need to develop their current staff and focus on retention to ensure that tomorrow’s leaders are ready for the challenge.

So how do you prepare your workers? The answer lies in training and development programs that allow companies to develop and retain the best available talent. These programs often allow organizations to hire for fit, then train for skill.

Training and development programs can also be a boon for recruiting. A report from the Sitel Group found that 79 percent of employees believe that it’s important for a prospective employer to train them.

We spoke with three Vistage CEO members on how they’re using training programs — apprenticeships, software-based training and Vistage Leadership Development Programs — to develop their people and help recruit new talent. Despite the talent shortage, these CEOs have set their companies up for future growth and greater success.

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