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Investing in Sales Leaders

Explore the major investments,
decisions and challenges you’ll face this year.
Putting time and resources into sales management can unlock growth
By Joe Galvin,
Vistage Chief Research Officer

Buyers are changing, prompting a shift in the art and science of sales. Companies are overhauling how they find prospects, build relationships, interact with customers and close deals.

Who’s bearing the brunt of this change? Sales managers, says Gary Braun, Vistage speaker and owner of Pivotal Advisors based in Prior Lake, Minnesota. “The sales leader sits in the middle, and nobody tells them how to do the things they need to do, like make changes on the fly, adapt the sales process, coach to a new process and manage somebody who’s not in the office.”

Managers of all disciplines are similarly challenged, which is why 80% of CEOs from small and midsize businesses plan to invest in leadership development this year, according to a survey of 1,373 CEOs of small and midsize businesses. To provide perspective on how SMBs support sales leaders specifically, two CEOs share their focused efforts and the return on their investments.

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