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One of the immutable laws of leadership that we embrace in the Vistage community is “Rise by helping others.” As a member, you aren’t just focused on your own decisions, you help peers critically think through their challenges so they can have a positive impact on their companies and their communities.

And they do the same for you.

In this issue of Perspectives, you’ll see how several members have extended this philosophy to their organizations by developing their leaders. Regardless of the approach they’ve chosen — internal training programs, apprenticeship models or purpose-built leadership development programs — they’ve increased their bottom line and employee satisfaction.

We’ll also share how a one-time micromanager became one of the top-performing CEO coaches in the world; how a CEO found solutions to her worst nightmare; and what life looks like for three Vistage members after selling their businesses.

(Spoiler alert: It looks pretty good!)

We hope the following pages provide fresh perspectives, inspiration and insights that you can take to your business and discuss with your peer group.


Sam Reese
CEO, Vistage Worldwide

  • Victoria Carlborg
  • Joi Coles
  • Patricia Lee Como
  • Alan Denton
  • Glenn Jeffers
  • Mary-Jo Lipman
  • Katie McWeeney
  • Bridgette Beuttel
  • Mike Burgos
  • Kimberlee Farley
Contributing Writers
  • Hal Conick
  • Rachel Farrell
  • Katie Navarra
  • Mayrav Saar
  • Cheryl SooHoo
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