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It’s our goal to provide the Vistage community with fresh perspectives and innovative ideas. To achieve this, we invite the foremost thought leaders to Vistage. These experts equip our members with the necessary knowledge, tools and insights to create an immediate impact on their organizations.

In the fast-paced business world, CEOs are constantly seeking strategies to enhance productivity, engagement and the overall success of their organizations. Enter Marcus Buckingham, renowned author, speaker and expert in leadership and management. Earlier this year, Buckingham addressed our global community, sharing inspiring insights and stories about the most influential force in business: love. “Love is the most powerful predictor of human behavior,” he says. “It’s only when someone says, ‘I love it,’ that we can actually predict what they’re going to do.“

Aimed at reshaping how CEOs perceive the intersection of love and work through their customers and employees, Buckingham’s unconventional approach challenges traditional corporate mindsets.

As leaders reflected on Buckingham’s profound insights, he tasked them with answering a fundamental question: How can they infuse love into every aspect of their organizations, from fostering environments where employees feel cherished to caring for customers at every touchpoint?

The best people don’t find their passion. They don’t find a job they love. They do find the love in what they do.

Taking a company to the next level requires grand strategies, innovative ideas or groundbreaking technologies. Yet, beneath the surface, daily habits and routines are what shape an organization’s well-being. Based on his bestseller, “Atomic Habits,” James Clear comes to Vistage this summer to demonstrate how members can apply this philosophy in their businesses.

Central to the concept of “Atomic Habits” is the idea of small, incremental changes that compound over time to yield remarkable results. This method offers an approachable way for leaders grappling with the challenges of running a company to harness the power of minor, yet continual improvements.

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