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Accessibility for Every Body

Co-Founder & CEO, Cleanlogic
Vistage Member Excellence Winner, Leadership Award

Inspired by the high achievers around him growing up in Los Angeles, Mike Ghesser realized early on that he had the entrepreneurial bug. He started as a concert promoter and by age 21 made his foray into consumer products, he says, “learning everything I could about importing, manufacturing and retail.”

Around that time, Ghesser met a friend who was as passionate about business as he was. “He was talking to me about importing foods from South America and putting them in stores in Southern California where there was a big Hispanic population,” Ghesser recalls. “The way he described this pop-top tomato sauce can … well, I knew I wanted to work with him. We created a partnership right away — me on the operations side and him in sales and marketing.”

That was over 20 years ago, and the collaboration between Ghesser and Isaac Shapiro has blossomed into Cleanlogic, a global brand with $30 million in annual revenue and 200 employees worldwide. The company, based in Audubon, Pennsylvania, manufactures, distributes and sells exfoliating skin care tools made with certified organic and recycled materials, and 100% tree-free packaging.

Beyond its growing monetary success, Cleanlogic has become an expression of the partners’ core values of high-quality products, a low-carbon footprint and full transparency. But there’s one more thing driving their growth: a shared mission of “inspiring all to achieve independence and success,” Ghesser says.

“Isaac’s mother is blind, and my oldest daughter is neurodiverse and physically disabled,” says Ghesser. “It got me wondering about what kinds of opportunities my daughter will have; what kinds of opportunities do the visually impaired have?”

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The deeper awareness of the challenges that their loved ones face prompted the partners to evolve the business. They began to hire people with disabilities and incorporate Braille on Cleanlogic packaging.

This eventually led to creating an accessible environment for people with all disabilities — while creating a workplace model that’s shareable and inspiring. “Our personal stories went into building this company. Our experiences helped us become true, passionate, empathetic leaders,” says Ghesser.

Ghesser won a Vistage Leadership Award in 2023 for not only helping to grow revenue by 150% but also for blazing the trail for workers with disabilities and creating an environment where everyone can thrive. Both Ghesser and Shapiro are in Vistage Chief Executive groups and have staff in Vistage leadership development programs.

“Since I joined Vistage at the beginning of 2018, we have more than tripled revenue, expanded globally, built a factory, opened our warehouse, and sold a division,” Ghesser says. “Vistage has also helped us get clear on our vision and bring together the best people to accomplish our goals.”

“Once we started putting practices in place to inspire all to achieve independence and success, our company transformed,” he adds. “Our whole team believes in our mission. You can feel it. It fuels our sense of purpose and our measure of success. It’s not just about selling products. It’s about so much more.”

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