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Remember the crowds? The tens of thousands of people filling up the seats in arenas like Arthur Ashe Stadium (pictured)? The electricity in the air? The roar of cheering fans?

Then came COVID-19. And once the arenas emptied and the electricity dimmed and the crowds were silenced, ME Engineers went to work.

As managing principal at ME Engineers, Ed Bosco develops large-scale construction projects, winning awards for his firm’s work on iconic venues such as Madison Square Garden and Yankee Stadium. Since the global pandemic hit, ME Engineers has helped design the filtration systems that supported the U.S. Open Tennis Tournament and advised on professional sports competitions and bubbles across the world. He’s also taken on innovative engineering projects like the world’s largest telescope in Chile and the world’s largest green roof in California. Bosco’s business has transformed since the pandemic began.

These days, Bosco is trying to figure out how to prevent the spread of the coronavirus indoors, as well as how to get the next generation of engineers excited about buildings.

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