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Posting it Forward


Rarely does a week pass without Ben Liu accessing at least one of the 32 Vistage Networks to ask a question, share feedback or see what other members are posting.

Liu, the founder and CEO of Devblock Technologies, a Seattle, Washington-based software development agency specializing in AI and Web3 consulting, relies on the community to share candid insights.

Liu has joined multiple Networks since becoming a member in July 2020, including the Technology Network, West Network and others. Most recently, the Deal Network has been instrumental in helping him navigate the sale of his company.

“We’re going through a sale of our company,” he says. “Right now, I am reading a lot of various articles people have posted around the valuation of your business, structuring of deals and so forth.”

While he’s used to gaining invaluable insights from Networks, Liu was surprised by the response he received after posting about a more personal matter. For more than six months, his chief technology officer’s family battled with an insurance company over its policy.

“Networks have proven extremely valuable to me, and they can provide answers to all kinds of questions.”
CEO,Devblock Technologies Inc.

The CTO’s father-in-law needed to be placed in a long-term memory care facility, which would cost upward of $15,000 per month. The family had paid into a long-term care insurance plan for decades and needed the funds to cover the care. However, each time the family submitted a claim, the insurance company denied it.

After hearing about his CTO’s challenges, Liu turned to Vistage’s Healthcare Network for help, asking, “Hey, does anybody have experience with this or dealt with similar issues?”

Responses poured into the thread. One member provided specific instructions for next steps and suggested the family inform their insurance agent that they would contact the insurance commissioner if no action was taken. After following these directions, approval arrived within a week, alleviating the CTO’s burdensome stress, and saving the family nearly $75,000.

“Having the right resources to help navigate that experience is so important and needed,” Liu says. “It was incredible to have ‘random’ people help. Not exactly, ‘random’ but other people who did not know me or my CTO.”

Sharing and supporting others within the Network community is as important to Liu as receiving input. Recently, a member posted asking for help while struggling through a bad experience with payroll companies. This was something DevBlock had just experienced.

“We had done a lot of research, so I wrote her a quick message and said, ‘These are my experiences with these companies.’ She could skip doing that same amount of research,” he says.

Liu explains that these outcomes are only a sample of game-changing advice he has received by posting on various Networks. He has asked for input on numerous topics, from issues involving human resources to specific legal situations. The Tech Network even sparked robust offline communications between Liu and other members of the Network who are also leading custom software development agencies.

These members now regularly communicate candidly and discuss challenges, sales strategies and resources. Liu says group members are eager to support and guide one another.

“Networks have proven extremely valuable to me, and they can provide answers to all kinds of questions,” he says. “What I’ve found that makes Vistage Networks particularly unique is that it is validated and trusted. Posts are not from scammers. No one is trying to pitch you on anything, although sometimes you can find business opportunities. They’re just there to pay it forward.”

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