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Making an Impression

If you’ve eaten bell peppers from the grocery store, there’s a chance they’ve come from Baloian Farms. The fourth-generation, California-based operation grows red and green peppers on nearly 5,000 acres. The peppers ship throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico under Pam Pak- and Baloian Farms-branded packaging.

Pam Pak is short for “pampered.” The product is still pampered by farmworkers who pick and pack at the perfect moment, but automation has helped the company bloom.

In 2021, Baloian Farms received the Moss Adams Agribusiness of the Year Award from the Fresno Chamber of Commerce. The award honored Baloian’s leadership and commitment to philanthropy and cultivating its people. The farm employs 50 full-time staff, more than 1,000 seasonal workers and an additional 200 packers.

“The credit goes to the people who work here; many have been here for over 20, 30 and 40 years,” says CEO Tim Baloian (pictured, right), part of the family’s third generation. “God gives us resources and talents and expects us to share and give back. Everything I have is God-given, and I need to be a good steward.”

Baloian says his biggest strength is delegating — a skill he continues to hone.

“I’ve learned to get out of the way and let people do what they’re best at,” he says. “That comes with parameters, but I want them to excel and be creative.”

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Making an Impression